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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  May 24, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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bbc‘s bbc‘s sports centre. on the eve of the europe league bbc‘s sports centre. on the eve of the europa league final, manchester united hold a minutes silence. united hold a minutes silence. united ‘s opponents say the final has lost its glow. hello and welcome to the programme. there is only one place to start, and that is in manchester. treasury agents have unfolded over the past 24 agents have unfolded over the past 2a hours or so and have resonated all around the world. but in the city, it has also been felt in a sporting context. manchester united, a worldwide brand, notjust a football club, based ajax. the hierarchy at old trafford have been reacting along with many others to the news that 22 people died in what prime minister
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theresa may has called a "callous terrorist attack". austin halewood reports... the people of manchester will put together as one. that is the message from jose mourinho, as the tragic events of monday night's attacks cast a shadow over their preparations for the rope elite final. before flanker stockham, they held a minute silence at their training base in memory of those who their lives. with thousands of fans now travelling to stockholm, it is a match that has taken on huge symbolic importance for both the clu b symbolic importance for both the club and the city. in a statement, manchester united said that everyone at the club is deeply shocked by the events. thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected. ajax football clu b to all those affected. ajax football club also treated... —— tweeted. both past and present players had paid tribute to those who lost their
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lives. wayne rooney shared his thoughts on social media, as did the former manchester united star, cristiano ronaldo. ryan giggs posted a photo send the city would stand united, and david beckham said it was heartbreaking news. in the aftermath of the attack, london's metropolitan police has announced that extra armed officers will be deployed at this weekend's major sporting events, as the city hosts the fa cup final at wembley. the international critic council have also address consumed the concerns of the uk, head of the champions trophy. —— security council. south africa will take part in the tournaments and are due to play a test match against england in manchester later summer. i think we are all shot. derby expected some are like that to happen. it is very sad, obviously. at the moment, we, all we can do is will lie on authorities, and the
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people in control, to do the necessary things to make sure that we are safe as possible. and that is about as much as i can say. but it isa about as much as i can say. but it is a tragic event, like you said to me that took place, and we all feel really sorry for the people involved. sport is ingrained in the culture of manchester. it is home to one of the fiercest rivalries in world football. but the tragic events of monday night have certainly brought the city together as one. ed woodward said the club was numb after the attack. they flew out to sweden, still reeling from the events. there are likely to be many flags and banners in support. the game itself is likely to be played in a sombre atmosphere. words are
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words a re really words are really do justice for how we all feel. we are numb. the event was sickening. and all our thoughts at the moment with the victims and the affected by it. it was a very sombre playing out with the directions this morning. —— directors. it is all we were talking about, to be honest. and then went and sat with uefa, and talked about the different things we can do around the game. we will be up to wear black arm bands and have a minute's silence for the victims. sam alla rdyce has retired, it resigned after the manager for crystal palace. the former england manager took charge of crystal palace in december and guided them to safety following a 4—0 defeat to hull city. they were relegated as a result. in a statement, sam allardyce said he had no wish to take the helm at any other club. a former tottenham player scored the only goal of the match as the chinese side scored a
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1-0 match as the chinese side scored a 1—0 win. the brazilian people in for the chinese champions after some questionable defending from their opponents at a corner with 15 minutes to remain, as the return tie has to japan, next tuesday. another japanese side had more luck getting an early goal to the thai side. the thailand international put his side up 1—0 at the break but three second—half goals from kallis at the including gears, a final one late gave them a 3—1 cushion ahead of the return home tie next tuesday. iranian side persepolis missed a penalty in a goalless draw with qatar's lekhwiya. the hosts were awarded a spot kick late on after mehdi taremi was deemed to be brought down in the box. taremi spot kick was saved by al mayoof. security is being enhanced that many british sports events following the
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bomb attack in manchester. armed police or soldiers will patrol the fa cup final at wembley, along with the premiership final at twickenham. and at the following week's cricket, the icc treaty gets under way in england and wales, with eight nations competing. security is a prime concern. i think that is paramount in terms of what we are doing. the way we are assessing and reviewing the safety and security the tournament, without a shadow a doubt, it is actually paramount in oui’ doubt, it is actually paramount in our minds, to deliver a safe, secure, and incredibly exciting tournament for fans. and secure, and incredibly exciting tournament forfans. and clearly pa rt tournament forfans. and clearly part and parcel with that will be the security and safety. so we are reviewing that. we are discussing with all the relevant stakeholders what that looks like, and we are having a discussion around safety and security at the tournament. but paramount in terms of ensuring that
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we deliver a safe and secure tournament. before that, a three match run starts on wednesday. there are injury worries overjimmy anderson. he has been ruled out of action for 4—6 weeks after picking up action for 4—6 weeks after picking upa action for 4—6 weeks after picking up a green action for 4—6 weeks after picking up a green into injury played lancashire. —— picking up a groin injury. i think it is a perfect preparation. if you look back to the t20 last year. we too are badgering the winter, and it coincided with 3t20 games in which they dominated. there is a learning within that, and the fact that we came back strong from that is very encouraging. i don't think that this time, the coming any different. —— they played us coming any different. —— they played us in the winter. pension certainly
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be one the last stage of the giro d'italia. he needed to start to a nswer d'italia. he needed to start to answer the call of nature. the dutch rider had to pull over to relieve himself. that saw his deficit cut to a31 himself. that saw his deficit cut to a 31 second lead over nairo quintana. fernando alonso says he feels privileged to be one of the 33 drivers taking part in this week's indy 500 race. the two—time formula 1 champion is open to becomejust the second man after granville to win this race. the monaco grand prix, which is ready to play —— which is done twice. he described it asa which is done twice. he described it as a happy surprise coming fifth after only eight days on track. yes, i think there are three races in
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motorsport that stand out. they are legendary races. it is monaco, the indy 500, and le mans. since we were children, plan were small cars or something, there is always this monaco, the indy 500, and the endurance race. the ability to participate here is a privilege. i am proud to be one of the 33 drivers. any racing driver should experience this big three races in motor sport. the cleveland cavaliers are leading the series against the boston celtic. they will face the —— the winner will face the golden state. it is currently 22— 13 to the
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celtics in the opening quarter. that is all the time for me here at sport today. goodbye. hello there. tuesday was a predominantly dry day with the heart of the country seeing the best of the sunshine. if we look at the weather watcher's picture from herefordshire, this illustrates the point nicely. there was cloud topping and tailing the country in the cloud, but enough for outbreaks of showery rain in the far north west of scotland. this is how we closed out the day yesterday with cloud and rain in the north and a little cloud lingering down to the south—west and that will still be with us first thing this wednesday morning. some coastal and some sea fog here. it will be quite a warm start, however, to the day. mid teens already and so temperatures are set to lift as we go through the morning. but we keep the cloud
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to the south—west with the best of the brightness really across south—eastern and eastern areas. we will chase cloud through the day but we get the best of the sunshine and temperatures will respond. into northern ireland we start off with showery outbreaks of rain to the north and west of scotland but these will primarily sit towards the north—west of the great glen and as we go through the day, a couple showers will filter further east. they will be isolated by then. elsewhere, broken cloud, some sunshine and where we get the best of the sunshine, the temperature will respond. but despite cloud around it will be a warm day for all of us, generally at around 19 or 25 degrees. maybe a little bit fresher in the far north of scotland. one thing is for certain, later on in the week we keep that dry theme and there will be more in the way of sunshine. as a consequence, temperatures respond. warm to hot in places, particularly in the south—west corner. we can see first signs of that on thursday with decent spells of sunshine coming through much of the country and you can see that we will see high 20s likely
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into the south—east corner, maybe as high as 23 or 2a in sheltered western areas of scotland. this area of high pressure may drift further east and that will allow it to continue to drag up even warmer air from the near continent but at the same time, however, there is a potential for a weather front to push on from the west. as we move out of friday into the start of the weekend, yes, it is a bank holiday weekend, there is a potential for some of us to see 30 degrees however, with that front knocking on the door there is also the potential for a thundery breakdown. do not make this the last forecast you see for the bank holiday weekend. there is the potential for sharp thundery downpours to moving from the south—west, of it, however, it will stay quite warm with lots of sunshine. hello. my name is tom donkin. welcome to bbc news broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our main story —
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britain's prime minister raises the terror threat level — to critical — after the deadly attack in manchester. this means that their assessment is not only that an attack remains likely, but that a further attack may be imminent. twenty—two people were killed and 59 injured when a suicide bomber targeted young fans leaving a concert on monday. the suspect is named as 22—year—old salman abedi — he's understood to have been born in manchester — to a family of libyan origin. we're learning more about the victims — among them children and teenagers. but the desperate search continues for those still missing.
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